This app has millions of users worldwide and is a boon to casual android gamers.

On this blog, we intend to write more about the app and what it can do. Do scroll down for more.

What exactly is Gamekiller apk?

Gamekiller is an app that modifies memory values in your phone to accomplish things such as more coins, more cash, higher high score, etc. in Android games. Amazing right?

It serves two important purposes :

  • You get to use extra coins or cash to buy stuff from the game’s store such as boosts, new merchandise, etc.
  • You get to show off in front of your noob friends. Show them your impossible-to-achieve-high-score, and they will probably die of cardiac arrest on that spot.

One prerequisite for the app that the device is a rooted android device. The app would not work on an unrooted android phone, and it definitely won’t work with iOS. If you haven’t rooted yet, go ahead and do that first.

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Download APK File

How to mod games using Gamekiller APK (Tutorial)-

Modding games or other apps using game killer is no rocket science, if you got enough tech blood in our veins to root your phone, you could easily do this.

Gamekiller is a useful tool once you get the knack of using it efficiently. As I said above, it works by modifying the memory values of the data block in your phone where the numbers are corresponding to stuff like coins, gems are stored.

At this point, I should tell you that the game killer would not always work. It would never work on games that need internet access since such games save the required data not on our phone but their servers. So don’t even dream of trying this on games like clash of clans or modern combat.

Moreover, you can only edit things that have a particular value, meaning you can’t increase fuel and such meters.

You will, however, get it to work on regular games such as subway surfers, temple run, etc. Here’s how you do that

  • Download the gamekiller apk from the below section.
  • Install it, open it and grant it root access. You may want to stop at this step if you aren’t a rooted user.
  • Now open the game which you want to mod. For the sake of this post let’s consider that I
  • want to increase my coin court in the subway surfers game.
  • Play the game for some time until your desired counter starts. Here I have played till I got 19 coins.
  • Now click on the gamekiller icon on your screen to open up a semi-transparent UI.
  • In the text box, enter that particular value which your counter has reached. I will enter 19. Press the search button and select data type as AUTO IDENTITY.
  • This will probably give you thousands of results or just 1, depending on the game.
  • Play the game again and open pause it again as your counter reaches another value. Say
  • I played until my coins reached 40.
  • Now open Gamekiller and search that number, 40 for me.
  • The number of results will be drastically low this time. There will only be 5-6 results, even one if you are lucky.
  • See if there’s value with the words DWB. If there is, that’s the one you need to edit. If there isn’t, you could either try and edit all the values or repeat steps 9-11 until there is only one result.
  • Mod games using gamekiller apk
  • Just click on it and enter your desired number on the value part and press OK. I entered 40000, greedy me!
  • Mod games using gamekiller apk
  • Go back to the game, and in most cases, you will see the number you entered smiling at you. If didn’t work, try again and it definitely will.

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Download APK File

Steps to successfully install Gamekiller on your android device –

Considering the way this app works, Google did not allow the app to be published in the official Android app store, the Google Play. The app became immensely popular because of the fact that it is highly useful to gamers. The app installation file or APK is available for free download from this page. The installation is a bit trickier than the normal way. Don’t worry; we have covered everything you need to know in the following section.

  • The first step is to download the gamekiller apk installation file. We have uploaded it to our high-speed servers and provided the link at the bottom of this page for your convenience.
  • Click on the link given, and your browser will start downloading the apk.
  • Before you start installing the downloaded apk file, there is a little something to be done first. You need to enable installing apps from untrusted sources. This setting exists to protect users from being exploited by the installation of malicious APK’s.
  • Rest assured, the gamekiller apk in our servers are completely free of any malicious code.
  • Open the settings app on your device. If you are on the stock ROM, open the “security” tab, click on the toggle beside “Unknown sources” and click the OK button on the prompt.
  • Go to the folder where you saved the APK in the first step. Then tap on the APK file to open it.
  • Click on install button.
  • It will take a moment to install, but should be done pretty quick.
  • Voila, you are done! Easy, wasn’t it?

This was our take on the Gamekiller app

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